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New House, New Projects

Hello! It's been a while, WordPress. We have found ourselves completely overwhelmed by the amount of projects and ideas that we have. In the short couple of months, we have moved on from the loft - a project we considered... Continue Reading →

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Turning the House into our Home

Life has done it again. Time gets away from me faster than I can write! When I wrote my previous update on our house, we were right smack in the middle of getting out house painted... (we actually hired this... Continue Reading →

The Puppy Project: Introducing your new puppy to your current dog

I know I know, the tag line reads DIY....but after reflecting on our renovations from our loft that sold and dreaming about our future projects, I stopped to appreciate the small miracle we adopted during the crazy transition. Yes, we... Continue Reading →

How to turn an open loft into a 2 bedroom

Before living with J, I didn't know a lick about construction - I didn't know you had to have studs every 16 inches on center or that the dry wall was thinner on the edges because when you have two... Continue Reading →

Transforming our Kitchen for less than $5K and less than 2 weeks

Over the past couple of days we have been busy. We finally listed our place and have had multiple showings (How to Prep for a Showing post coming soon ;)). Here are some key take away on how we remodeled... Continue Reading →

Home Decor: Crates

My favorite part about remodeling and changing spaces: decorating. Growing up in Indiana, we love old barn wood, doors with the paint chipping off, and bold colors. Here are some of my favorite pieces inspired by wood crates.  

Painting cabinets – without sanding or priming

After lots of feedback from social media, friends, and family - we were told we HAD to sand and we HAD to prime - before painting our cabinets. Let us remind you - we live in a loft with a... Continue Reading →

Remodeling a Kitchen

When we started this blog, we had every intention of detailing every little thing we had completed - from painting to fixing the previous owners mistakes (boy, there were a lot of them!). Once we put down the iPad after... Continue Reading →

where do we start?

With 1500 square feet of open loft, where do you start? Do we build walls? Do we keep the open loft concept? The ideas were (and still are) endless. Many nights were spent drawing up plans and layouts on how... Continue Reading →

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