With 1500 square feet of open loft, where do you start? Do we build walls? Do we keep the open loft concept? The ideas were (and still are) endless. Many nights were spent drawing up plans and layouts on how to transform this space. We had little furniture but felt overwhelmed with making this feel like home.

Ace made himself at home very quickly on the single piece of furniture.

Within the first two weeks of moving in, we started with an easy project: painting. At a glance, our place had an older feel. The baseboards and beams were a dark brown, complimentary to the wood floor and exposed ceiling. All walls were a standard beige tint – very vanilla.

As J’s mom is an art teacher (and fabulous artist herself), I came home to beautiful new color scheme and freshly painted walls throughout the hallway and kitchen.

We prepped (cleaning with a damp rag and sanding down rough spots) and painted the baseboards using Behr paint (my personal favorite) – easy first beginner’s project!

Voila! Our first project was in the books – a simplistic one at that! Now on to the half bath…