I know I know, the tag line reads DIY….but after reflecting on our renovations from our loft that sold and dreaming about our future projects, I stopped to appreciate the small miracle we adopted during the crazy transition.

Yes, we did adopt a dog right as we listed / sold our loft.

Yes, we had to find a home with a backyard for him and Ace to play in.

And YES we would do it all again.

Puppies and dogs in general are amazing companions….which led us to bringing in another family member to our family. However, this post is more than just adopting / rescuing a puppy…here is what we have found with rescuing a dog when we already have one in the house:

  1. Introduction is key. Meeting outside and going for a walk was the advice we were given and followed. Dogs meeting in neutral territory on leashes was great – no accidents or immediate territorial issues.
  2. Dogs take time. No, Ace did not love Charley every minute in the first two weeks. In fact, we had only hoped they could be civil and live in each other’s prescence. Boy were we stunned a month and a half later – they hate being without each other!
  3. Pack order exists – at least with our dogs. Ace is older, the big brother we say. He is fed first, gets attention first when we come home, rides in the front seat in the car…etc. No, it’s not fair and we desperately wanted everything to be fair. In the end, we saw a positive reaction and attitude from Ace when he is treated to first.
  4. The first night is rough.  Maybe it is just me but I hate when guests aren’t comfortable when they stay at my house. I worry they aren’t comfortable and if I forgot anything. The day prior is overwhelming and luckily will help with the pup sleeping – however he was very anxious and not used to where he normally sleeps.
  5. Crate Train from the start. We immediately crate trained the dogs – our older dog Ace hated the crate and was fully housebroken. Although we weren’t fans of the crate, we decided to make the puppy sleep and stay in the crate when we weren’t home. This reduced a lot of anxiety while we were away and at night. Also – by not using the crate as a punishment (a mistake we made with Ace), we find Charley taking naps and going to bed on his own in his crate.
  6. Love your dogs and spend time with them together and individually. While having two dogs means you don’t have to give as much attention because they entertain themselves, we find they respond better to us when we take the time to play with them outside as well as spending one on one time with each. Taking Ace to Lowes or treating Charley to a few extra laps throwing a tennis ball in the yard – we make sure to bond with each dog giving twice the amount of love to each.
  7. Most of all – enjoy the journey. It’s crazy and accidents happen but in the end, happy dog, happy life!


We are full advocates of adopting rescues and encourage any one to seek out local shelters and rescue groups in the future!