Hello! It’s been a while, WordPress. We have found ourselves completely overwhelmed by the amount of projects and ideas that we have. In the short couple of months, we have moved on from the loft – a project we considered our first taste of home ownership. However, we were limited in what we could do with the multi-unit building. After finding a house we liked, we have realized the extend of projects we have – despite some hesitation from J. During the search for our home, we came across many typical ‘fixer uppers’ and houses that were big and ugly. J really pushed for these projects at first. Once we started to look at locations and where we wanted to live, we decided on a home – not a project. We stepped into a house that was gutted and structural fixed – including new fixings. I immediately loved the idea of not having to replace the floors, raise the sub-floor or fix the roof, etc. (Currently, smiling because now I feel like these issues I can spot in a poorly built house…).

But no, nothing is perfect and we found that our home will always need work – instead of the hard projects, we chose the fun projects – the painting, the curb appeal, the character of the house. (Did I mention when the contractors redid the house, they took away almost ALL of the original character the 1938 home had?? – See below)


While writing this post our boring contractor-grade house has come a long way, I figured I would focus on adding character of the house in the following posts. But for now, wanted to give you a preview of the BEFORE:


Lovely, right? Boy, do we have a ways to go for some curb appeal …